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Did anyone else notice?



I believe this has something to do with the google search engine coming in as a guest to search information to post on their search site.

It is a good thing, but 80 dudes did not just view at the same time. Golfreview.com has less than 8 separate people viewing at any one time and they have manipulated their software to show more than are really viewing; they allow google to search as guests, and it makes more people view...human nature...

If I am wrong, please correct me. Cool, though. Nice observation. Pretty damn sophisticated for shottalk.com, however. :)


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Aug 26, 2004
Er.....that's pretty good there spannkie.

We get inundated (that means alot, TM) with web bots. Google bots are the most numerous and MSN bots are the most annoying....they never leave. We also get alot of Yahoo bots.

Their job is to surf the web and document pages for their search engines....it's a good thing.....


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