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Do I need a new driver?


Well-Known Member
Sep 5, 2005
I used to golf many years ago, and have just taken it up again this fall. I have a new driver with regular flex, and 9.5 loft. I'm having a terrible time keeping in the fairway. Usually I slice, but I'm very erratic and sometimes hook the ball too. I realize that some of this is my swing, and that I need more practice to get a more consistant swing. However, yesterday, I borrowed my wife's driver which is ladies flex, and 14 loft and I hit it much better. Some shots were exactly straight, but they were much closer to where I wanted them to go, and the distance was very close to what I got out of my own club. My clubhead speed is usually around 90 I think. I wonder if I'd do better to get more loft and maybe go with the senior flex. Or do you think that wouldn't help at all, and maybe I better just invest in lessons.


Captain Obvious
May 31, 2005
Go to the Brand name sites such as --




Then, go to the Club-Fitting portion of the website. Fill out the necessary info and the website will make a determination for their select clubs. You can compare the different sites to the different clubs that they each offer. I did this before my decision for the Cobra 460SZ Driver.

All the sites will usually give you about the same info for the clubs such as your degree of loft, shaft flex, etc. Lately, the trend has been for higher degrees of loft for amateurs and beginners. I have noticed, with all the instruction that I keep watching on the Golf Channel, that most instructors are preaching that with a higher ball trajectory -- you will get more distance. I know that this has been advice that has always been around with instructon (higher ball trajectory = more distance), but it is being preached almost every time I read an article or watch any golf instuction.

Another great way to find that driver is just go down to a local Golfsmioth or Edwin Watts golf shop and hit a demo club. The associates will also help with advice.

Hope that helps a little......:usflag:


Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2005
I'd recommend you try a few drivers and test a 12* driver with either a R or A flex shaft. You should gain a good bit of distance with the 12* driver and might even want to go with more loft. If you hit your wife's 14* driver so well, why not just go with one with a little stiffer shaft? With you swing speed, that 9.5* driver is not right for you, and never will be. Get more loft and enjoy the longer, straighter drives you will get. More loft in the driver is your friend, go with it.

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