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Do i need stiff irons??


Active Member
Dec 10, 2010
I've recently got fitted for a new driver 9.5 stiff shaft. And i am hitting it long with a bit of draw. I used to have a reg flex driver and it didnt give me the control when i was swinging with a higher swing speed, Im 6 3, so i can create good speed. so the stiffer shaft has given me so much more control.

So im having problems with my reg flex irons. when i swing slow which feels awkward, i hit them straight with a bit of draw, but not as far as i would like, when i feel i swing at the right speed they feel like they lag behind and i block it right, or it gets a bit hooky? same with my 5 wood.

should i upgrade to stiff shafts???


"Playing it straight"
Supporting Member
Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
I think you should have this discussion with your teaching pro. The mind can play tricks on you (and i think it is right now) I hit a natural draw whatever the flex. Flex's don't cause draws or fades. Similarly there's 99/100 other reasons for a block, than flex.


Active Member
Dec 10, 2010
Traditional wisdom says that if your shafts are too stiff for you.... you will tend to hit a weak slice type of ball flight, as you are not able to apply enough power to the shaft to allow it to release. Conversely, if your shafts are too weak for you... you will tend to hit a hook type shot as you are overpowering the softer shaft.

That being said, unless you are Iron Byron, you don't always repeat your swing exactly the same every time.

Your mileage may vary, but getting fitted by someone in the know, is way better than trial and error.

Good luck!


Active Member
Dec 28, 2010
I have been lucky enough to really see the effects of shaft flex/kick and how it effects distance and accuracy with my own swing using exactly the same golf clubs with different shafts, in 3 different flex's---A Quick Summary---3 full sets of brand new identical clubs, Bridgestone forged cavity backs all D2 swing weight, Brunswick FM shafts in all 3 sets---1 set -5.5, 1 set -6.0, 1 set 6.5, I was playing off of a low single at the time and could duplicate my swing consistently---each step up in shaft stiffness was equivalent to approx 1/2 club length or 3-5 yards---the more flexible 5.5 produced longer shots, by a club and a half over the 6.5, example 8 iron 5.5=165 yards, 6.5=150 yards---the stiffer shafted 6.5 produced less yardage but a more consistent shot shape, lower ball flight and tighter dispersion at the target---for me it was a no brainer---6.5 all the way---The biggest draw back to this type of test is you have to know your swing, you have to be able to reproduce it consistently, and you have to know if you are able to work the shaft properly. If the shaft is too stiff you will fight it, you won't feel any shaft flex or kick. I have tried several of my friends tour stiff drivers and for me they are too hard to work, my driver head speed is 100-105 that is my golf course swing, in the simulator I can get it up over 110----If you have an opportunity to try this type of test with full sets of clubs give it a whirl, its a real eye opener!!!!

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