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Do you wear "Golf Clothes"


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
Cotton trousers/shorts that don't cost much and sweaters just have to be wollen and warm - the only area where I fork is out is for waterproofs and shoes. In my opinion you shouldn't scrimp on those.

Shirts made to keep you cooler are a good idea though and I don't mind paying a little extra for those, as TTR says there are plenty of bargains to be found. However if someone wants to look a bit dandy, whatever their ability, then good for them, it's just part of the fun for some people and I don't worry myself over it in the slightest.

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
Supporting Member
Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
Curious, because I hate long elbow sleeves and love short ones going down around one third of the arm or so. I guess we could do "shirt trading" without any problem then lol :D. I guess this is where you realize there is a market for everything :D

I guess I'm just old fashioned...and stubborn. I refuse to wear 'em.


Littleton, Colorado
Sep 5, 2006
I don't really worry about it. I have some brand name golf shirts, and some generic polos. I wear shorts for as much of the year as possible, both on the course and off. Since I play at public courses where it's allowed, this time of year I often play in jeans... durable and warm. Every now and then when I'm out running errands and I decide on the spur of the moment to stop and play, I might even wear a t-shirt - not plain white, but with some sort of design or logo on it - none are golf related.

Most of the courses I play at are more concerned with whether you can keep up with the pace, not with what you wear (within reason). :beach3:


Active Member
Jan 3, 2011
Well I beleive in moisture wickening products, so I dont mind spending a little extra for Dri-Fit, Clima Cool, or Under Armour Polo's, although I have found some great deals on eBay, so I usually look there first before I go and spend $65 on a polo....I can also wear those clothes other than the golf course, so I get my use out of them!


Hack Numero Uno
Sep 2, 2005
The bigger question, does anyone here have a big enough pair to dress like Ian Poulter? :D I sure don't! No pink and purple sweaters for me.

I don't buy "golf specific" clothing due to price and quality. I'm not a fan of the golf style polo material because it absorbs sweat like crazy and makes you stink even if you didn't sweat. When I go to a nicer course I'll wear slacks and a polo or long sleeved shirt of some kind. But I actually do t-shirt printing as a side job so I have a hookup on wholesale clothing like polos so I would never pay the outrageous prices most companies want for their golf clothes. I don't play the brand loyalty game, nor do I care what anyone else on the course thinks about my atire. I'm just there to hit a little ball. My 'golf clothes' are similar to casual dress, so I wear the same clothes to work and in everyday situations.