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Does Golf Mix With Oysters?


Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2004
If you watched the golf last weekend from Palm Beach Gardens, you had the opportunity to see Pat Perez, he of the hot temper, striding up the last few fairways when there was still some possibility of his catching up. Now I have never seen Pat Perez before, and don't follow the PGA closely enough to realize he is an up and coming hot property, but when Johnny Miller (he of Sears stretch slacks fame, who can forget?) mentions that Pat has a problem controlling his temper I start to think about John Daly's problems witrh booze, Paul Azinger's cancer, Tom Watson's caddy with ALS and all the other struggles that we witness on the tour. So OK, I'll watch Pat when they throw him on.

WOW. I thought I was watching major league baseball! So maybe he doesn't scratch himself (maybe he does?), but the volume of expectorant that kid brings up is like watching a whole team grease the infield! Walk, spit, walk, spit, walk, spit. Grosses me out. I recall when I was probably 10 and spitting was macho until my Dad explained, not so gently, that gentlemen don't do that in public any more than they would urinate publicly. (Golfers exempted, of course). Well Pat, here's the drift, it ain't macho or anything else, cut it out!


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Hey Legrand:

Excellent post! I did not see the tournament/incident you described but you did a great job of writing here...

Maybe the Tour needs somebody like Perez to step up and pay a few grand in fines while entertaining the audience.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
You're right fromage. Pat has a really bad temper, or so I've read from some golf magazine. Throws clubs everywhere. But even after trashing things out, he can still shoot low. A real talented guy.
If I remember correctly, he was in the same class as Tiger??

BTW, golf does mix with oyster. With a little zest of lime... Man, I'm hungry for some oysters...

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