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Driver Advice


Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2005
Guys I need a little advice. I have been taking a couple of lessons with a local pro and we have been doing them indoors on a simulator. I have a question about my ball speed and the loft of my driver. My drives consistently generate a ball speed between 165 and 170 mph. I have the Nike Ignite driver 9.5 degree with the stock Fuji shaft. Is that way too much loft for that high of a ball speed? I haven't asked my pro yet because we haven't really started working on the driver yet but I hit some balls on Friday and it got me thinking. Thanks for any input.


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Aug 26, 2004
I wonder how Arnold Palmer figured this stuff out back in the day?

If I were you, I'd not worry about it too much. If you can poke it out there 230 or so and land in the fairway then who cares about ball speed and trajectory and all of that other nonsense.

Grip it and rip it.

That is all.

White Tees

Well-Known Member
Oct 28, 2005
I've been perusing this forum for a couple of days and this reply by Slingblade61 mirrors my view on golf precisely. I went to college on a baseball scholarship, played baseball and tennis for 35 years, and have been playing golf for 7 months. I took 5 lessons, started playing on April 6th of this year, have played 56 rounds, and my GHIN index is today 17. I'll tell it like it is; I'm athletic, in excellent shape, walk all rounds (No Carts), and I just grab a club, look at the shot.......and hit the GD Thing. I'm pleased that I play as well as I do in such a short time. I believe it is because I just do what feels comfortable and natural for me, with my physical build and my ability, and don't listen to any advice from others, (That's why I took lessons from a PGA Teaching Pro), and pay no attention at all to hype from Mfg's, Golf Rags, Driving Range Commandos, or any of these club building characters, (I have decent clubs, See my Signature Line). If you're reasonably athletic, in good condition, have good rhythm and timing, and good hand/eye co-ordination, all you need to do is play and practice. Your game will improve. All that golf tip and equipment crap will just impede your progress. I'm in no way saying that I'm any great golfer but: For my age and experience, I strike the ball well, have good form, and hold my own with anyone that I play with, and I've done that in 7 months. I shot a 95 on Bethpage Black! No range markers, you gotta walk, (No Riding Carts Allowed), And an absolute "BITCH" of a course! Not great, but remember, ........7 Months! Regards from Long Island and "Keep Swingin"


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Sep 6, 2005
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I do agree. When I think about it now I probably have no business even asking this question at my current ability level. I am lucky if I break 100 but for the first time in my life I have found something that I haven't been able to get very good at quickly. This is extremely frustrating to say the least but I will continue to keep plugging away. Thank you for your perspective.

Big Brother Dunk

Well-Known Member
Aug 29, 2005
At this point, don't worry too much about your equipment. Concentrate on developing a good, repeatable swing.

Good luck.


Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2005
Yeap I've gotten my cap down to a 2 and I have NO IDEA what swing speed or launch angles I have etc... I just hit clubs and when they go good, I buy them. :)

I always swing harder in those damn tests anyway... Like I'm trying to "impress" the salesman or something. He probably thinks you're a hack and doesn't care anyway.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005

The answer lies in the ball flight.You ideally want an souring flight that takes the ball as far as it can before gliding down,rather than dropping down.Let the ball tell you when you hit it.To low or too high and you need to change something.


Oct 11, 2005
The height does not really matter unless you have heavy wind against you so when i do i just stand slightly more foreword in my stance

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