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Driver shaft flex



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Jul 9, 2005
central Wisconsin
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Guess I'm just too old and grumpy. Been "fit" twice for driver shafts. Both times, I bought the driver with the recommended shaft. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with either one. Got rid of the clubs and took a beating on the cost.
Golf Digest ran an article some years ago. Took, IIRC, 4 players. One was a mini-tour player. One was a mid-handicap lady. One was a 10 handicap. The fourth was a 20 handicap. All four went to the same fitters. Two of the fitters were with major OEM club manufacturers. The other two fitters were well known and had been in the business many years. It was amazing how different these golfers were fit at different shops. I believe one was fit for "x" flex at one fitter and "R" flex at another. Lie angles were different recommendations from different fitters.

Until you convince me I can go to three qualified fitters and be fit with the exact same specs at each one, I don't see the benefit of a "professional" fitting. Which "professional" is correct? Is it the one you just happen to find at the local Dick's?
I got fitted for a set of Ping G5's years ago when they were new and couldn't hit anything clean. They were the wrong lie. I've got a set of G5 again but these are normal lie and I hit them good. I don't need to get fit. After almost 50 years of hacking and chopping I know what works for me now.

VA Park Ranger

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Feb 8, 2014
Green Bay Virginia
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Regular flex inthe driver and hybrids, and a flex in my newly acquired irons seems to be the ticket for me right now. Loving the senior flex.


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Sep 16, 2011
Hancock, Wisconsin
United States United States
I think you just have to hit a LARGE array of clubs and shafts and balls, and find what club head, shaft, grip, ball combo works for YOU. Its really all about feel , and what works for your swing. I don't think you can blanket anything. Heck. I even started playing a pink ball because I think..... it fells better to me. I like my Project X 6.0s, but have s300 in my irons now (because I'm cheap and don't wanna spend the money to do it) and they work ok. I did find my new driver shaft of choice. Its in a brand that I was just not a fan of in the past. But it works. I tried diferent grips as well. found a new comfort there as well. I found wedges that I love. I just bought a new set. SAME EXACT CLUBS. just new. A while back I went out for a driver shaft fitting. No matter what club or shaft combo I hit, I was between2 and 7 degrees launch angle. But, If you have ever played with me, I have not have that low of a ball flight since my Titlist 975J 9.5 with Graffaloy blue 65X. So in closing. just play what you feel is right for you.

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