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Driver shaft flex


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Apr 24, 2008
N. Texas
United States United States
Tomorrow I’ll find out what a 50g stiff is really like, aside from the monitor data.
95mph swing, but I bet it’s a good bit slower by holes 12 through 18


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
I remember the Speeder shaft I had in a Titleist 983K many years ago. Loved that shaft... and driver. I know the Speeder design and specs have changed over the years. Still, this Exotics I am now using has a Speeder shaft.

Could never find an "R" flex shaft that would stay with my gyrating swing. So... stayed with "S" flex, surely losing distance. But... the consistency was there. Every time I would pick up an "R" flex shaft, the consistency was terrible. Don't know what the tip flex is in this Speeder, but it's the first "R" flex that seems to stay with my gosh-awful swing. Having the consistency with an "R" flex shaft has added significant distance to the drives of this almost 76 year old body. Two eagles on par 5's in two days is pretty convincing of that......
I've had similar experiences. I think torque has a LOT to do with it. Also had shafts that weren't stiff enough cause unholy slices AND wild hooks. It was like rolling dice on when and how hard the face would close up.

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