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Driver shafts



Maybe somebody who builds their own clubs can answer this for me. A few years ago, I replaced the shafts in my fairway woods with stiff steel shafts, which has helped me to control them a lot. My driver is a Ping ISI tec, with a firm graphite shaft. I swear...if I could control my driver and still hit it decently long, I would be a scratch golfer. If I replaced the graphite shaft in my driver with a stiff steel shaft, would I see a difference? Or is stiff steel usually comparable to stiff graphite?


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Steel is comparable to graphite, as they are quite uniform.
But nowadays, they make graphite shafts that are very uniform and superior to steel shafts (Accra shafts are super expensive:faintthud)

The steel shaft is heavier than the graphite. So you may have been accustomed to a heavier swingweight. Generally, speaking of fairway woods, you'd want it as heavy or heavier than the driver, you'll get good control.
For the driver, it depends on your particular wingweight. You can get a lighter shaft (60g), but if you like to feel your clubhead, you may want to put more weight.
The best thing is to demo clubs, and see how it feels on your swing.

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