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EZ-GO Explorer 3-Wheel Push Cart


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2006

Got this on sale from TGW. As always super fast shipping from TGW.. got it in 2 days.

Anyway... Construction seems to be very solid. The frame appears and feels very heavy duty. Folds up nice and should be able to fit in most any trunk without problem. Storage compartment is kind of small... but all I need to keep in it is my phone anyway so no biggy. Scorecard holder actually hangs on to the card... ball and tee holders are handy. Cup-holder is actually big enough to hold a standard 20 oz. water/soda bottle(always drives me nuts when they make cup-holders soda/beer can sized.)

As far as actual use I'm very pleased. Finally got a chance to use it for 18 holes today. Tracks very well, and rolls really easy. Can push it with one finger though the fairway. Most of the time you can just rest your hand on the handle and it'll roll right along. The brake works well and is pretty handy. Oh and the handle is adjustable up and down probably about 8 or 10 inches. These three wheel push carts are SO much easier than the old pull cart I used. I'm really blown away by what a difference it makes. My feet and my back don't hurt at all after 18!

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