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Favorite swing thoughts for mental side


Well-Known Member
Sep 19, 2008
Alliston, ON
Canada Canada
I kinda have a lot of swing thoughts during a round, that comes in the form of an ongoing play-by-play in my head... YES, I realize this sounds like I’m having a conversation with myself out there, and in a way I guess I am!! I think of it as my “inner caddie,” and it really just helps me keep my mind on the task at hand, which is playing the best I can. Scoring well and making the best swing I can on each shot.

For the sake of keeping this short, I will just do a very summed up version of my routine...

Situation: par 3, 155yds. Pin back left with a trap guarding the front of the green. As I park my push cart and grab my Garmin, the inner discussion starts walking out onto the tee. “155, with the pin at the back, so start with 160...” my Garmin allows me to move the flags on the screen. I will roughly guess and move it allowing the gps to adjust the distance. I announce distances to my playing partners and walk back to my bag and back to myself, “saying 163... that’s a 7, with it downhill a little... any wind? No?... Ok still 7... What about 6? Too much, you will be long and in sh*t... ok its 7.” With club selected I’m down to my last three swing thoughts; pick my target, stick to that target no wavering. Swing smooth and to a full finish, I take one or two little waggles then pull the trigger. I also like to pick a spot, about a foot or two in front of my ball, that’s my starting point for my target line. If I can hit that spot with my shot first, the rest will be ok!!


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Staff member
Aug 13, 2006
Loose hands. That’s it. It’s so I keep my grip pressure light and don’t start the downswing by throwing the club at the ball.

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