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Finally videotaped my "new" swing. Back to the drawing board.


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
Last winter I decided to give up on my swing and start anew under Hogan's tutelage through 5 Lessons. I had been playing to a 6 or a 7 for about 5 years and was sick of being stagnant. Through Hogan's teachings, I'm down to my current 3.4 index.

The trouble was, I am hitting driver quite poorly. I am averaging 2 penalty strokes a ROUND. That is a TON considering I'm playing to a 4. That's half my shots right there. Most often it's been from the tee. I've never hit my irons as well as I have this year and I have Hogan to thank for that.

My last taping was in May of 2005. Just as last season was getting going. I didn't read Hogan until December. My main fatal flaw was a little "cast" at the bottom into the ball. I'd never take divots. I would dominate a course with my driving, as a late cast just creates a higher launch angle. Then I wouldn't be able to hit my irons in without a lot of luck.

I tried and tried to fix it, but couldn't get rid of it. Thus the overhaul. I figured if Hogan did it, it must be right. I doubted he'd just write a book with flat-out lies in it.

This year is the exact opposite. I am supremely confident with my short irons, but I'm all over the place with my driver the longer the season goes on. Thus I had to finally break down and video tape my swing. I am breaking down the tape in V1 Home.

With my irons, my late cast is completely gone. I am trying to "Demarit" it and bow my wrist toward the target at impact (flexion, bow, supinate, whatever:) ) and it feels like I am. But the tape shows I have a nice impact position with the hands ahead of the ball and a flat wrist. It feels like it's bowed, and the ball goes straight and I take a divot, so I'm not going to mess with it. It's 1000% better to look at in slow-mo than my swing of a year ago.

In slow mo, I can clearly see that my left hip turns first to start the downswing. This is a complete change from last year where my shoulders started my backswing and downswing.

I was pretty close to an almost repeatable 21-7. I was 21.5-7.5 and 22-7 and 21-7.5 in three taped swings. I have to pick up 1/2 a frame somewhere to get down to the actual 7 frame downswing.

This was all the good news.

The bad news started when I looked at my down the line shots.

Hogan writes of the plane of glass that goes from the ball through the shoulders and extends off infinitely. Your head pokes out of the plane. You want your left arm at the top of the backswing to be on or just under that plane and stay low of that plane on the way back down. You should be able to draw a line down the left arm to the ball at the top.

I have excuses, but my left arm is nowhere near high enough. First off, I'm tall. 6'5". So it's a pretty upright plane of glass. Secondly, my practice area at work has a low ceiling. In order not to hit the suspended ceiling with my club, I need to keep my left arm lower.

Unfortunately, my low ceiling practice crept into my actual swing. It works pretty well for low irons, as they are easier to hit just on account of being a shorter club. It has been the driver and 3-wood that has been giving me fits.

So I wanted to check the pros and see if they keep their left arm "on plane" at the top. I put Baddelley, Grant Waite, and Ben Crane into V1, down the line. I drew the line from the ball to their shoulders and beyond. To a man, they hit it at the top of the backswing each and every one of them. Ugh. So it was back to the drawing board.

Tonight I moved my practice area at work to a place with a slightly higher ceiling and put a full-length mirror behind so I can check my "new" backswing angle. I absolutely feel like I'm swinging like Furyk. But, with the mental imagery of the plan of glass, it's pretty easy to get it into position.

The swing down feels a lot more powerful. More clubhead speed I am guessing because it is a much wider swing arc.

So there is work to do. I have a tournament this weekend. What a great time to start some swing changes. I am thankful it's on an incredibly short 9-hole par 33 course and Sunday is all match play.

Does anyone know where to download a few more pro swings? I can get all the ones V1 has, but I'd like guys like Tiger, Adam Scott and Els also.

Thanks for reading. :)


Well-Known Member
Aug 25, 2005
With you saying that you are 6 ft 5 i would say by trying to copy hogans fundamentals that you may be experiencing problems because of this.

The L.A.W.S of the golf swing is a book well worth investing in as it talks about fitting a swing to your body shape not trying to fit yourself into unlikely parameters.

You obviously have a talent for the game by your handicap but dont stick to something that may not totally fit your game and swing.

tiger's swing is downloadable on the nike golf website, after you have watched the swing load, click on podcasts, and then it will give you 3 downloadable swings as long as you have quicktime.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
I am not sure what a cast just before the ball is,sounds like pronation as described by Hogan,but be aware of over analysis.You are clearly a competent golfer and when my game slips I go to the pro who sorts it straight away.In your case it could be something as simple as your rythym is out,it could be anything.Best place for swing sequense for me is here


you need to register but its free

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
Interesting, I noticed the same thing in my swing recently. I Never felt it was a problem but on starting to tape my swing this year, I noticed that I was not clearing my hips on my swing with my driver and the shaft is actually bends towards the target at impact. Probably a big reason I have had a tendancy to hit duck hooks with my driver in the past. I never noticed a lack of distance, but it is a very apparent problem on tape. I haven't been able to fully fix the problem, but it is getting better. I noticed it improved greatly when I kept my weight back, as my head also clearly moved towards the target prior to impact as well. This allows me to turn better. My next step is to take a stronger grip, or actually just one equal to Hogans book. I have alway taken a weak grip as I have always fought duck hooks, hooks and pull hooks that I mentioned. I read a couple days ago in the new golf magazine (pg 50) that using to weak a grip can in fact lead to "an open clubface at the top. To square the club at impact from this position, you probably release the club early...." Something I may have to play around with this week.

Anyways, here is some Pro swing footage you may find useful, although I am not sure if you can download it or not

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