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Firefox users: surf at highspeed


New Member
Sep 2, 2006
Download this add on for your Firefox browser: Cooliris - Browse Faster & Discover More

I did this the other day, and it has changed everything. You do not have to click on a thread or a link, you just move the browser and a window pops up that works; 400 times faster than normal web browsing.

For example, I don't have to click on any thread here, I just move the browser and it opens on the right, and I can scroll down and read threads without even clicking...


Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
Nice Function. Been using it since I started using Firefox. If you ever notice it gets in the way at times you can temporarily disable it in the bottom right corner checkbox. Here are some other extensions you can pick up on their site. These are the ones I use, and may be worth checking out. Find they save me a ton of time.
Websearch Pro
Tab Mix Plus
Split Browser
Tiny Menu
United States English Dictionary
IE Tab
Restart Firefox
Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar
Download Helper

Nice topic. Maybe we can hear some other good ones, as there are so many I just kind of browsed the top ones and tested them out. Tab Mix and Websearch Pro are probably the most invaluable to me but I use everyone that I mentioned. I always though Opera was a great browser simply because of the tabbed features. This thing runs like a rocket ship since I switched last year.


Clubmaking Ho
Supporting Member
Apr 21, 2007
I love Firefox and use the following extensions:

IE Tab
PDF Download
Adblock Plus
TinyURL Creator
Tabbrowser Preferences

Those are the main ones, there are a few others I've used occasionally.

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