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First lesson...


Well-Known Member
Jun 22, 2005
Well...today I took my first lesson from a pro. We spent an hour together and my swing was video'd and analyzed my him. Sems I am slightly casting and my keft wrist is scooping the ball at impact. All in all, my swing looks horrible. He did fix some things but we are going to work a lot more on it on thursday. I kind of got a deal with this pro as he needed a monitor for his swing analyzer and I just happened to have one for sale. He is giving me 5 lessons for the monitor. I came out on the good end of this one, I think.

Does anyone else hate to see themselves sing a golf club.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Seeing yourself is the best thing you can do. What you think you swing like and then seeing what you swing like gives you the perspective to correct your swing.

I have seen people who take a lesson and then tell me, he said I was dipping my left shoulder, he doesn't know what he is talking about. I can see he dips his shoulder at least an inch but he doesn't think he does.


Well-Known Member
Jun 30, 2005
I agree, seeing yourself swing is the best thing you can to to start fixing the swing.

One quick way to see yourself swing if you don't have a camcorder is most newer digital cameras have a "movie mode" good for 20-60 seconds or more. Just set it up so you can hit play, walk over to you spot and you should have plenty of time to take 2 good swings. Repeat from a different angle, then watch yourself in horror on your computer.

I did it this way and could see a couple swing errors. However, I still plan on having a pro do a real swing analysis.


Be The Ball
Feb 22, 2005
Im going to the driving range in about a half an hour and Im going to have ethier my brother or dad video tape it. Then I can see how horrible it is. I'll probably post it on here.

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