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Flexibility and stretches to improve it

Ravenous Bugblatter Beast

Deep in thought
Sep 6, 2005
So last night, I used my digital camera to take a video clip of me swinging a 5I. That's where I saw my flying right elbow, a flying elbow so flying it would have made Jack Nicklaus's elbow seemingly grounded next to mine. I've probably always had one, but I think it's maybe been accentuated in my return to golf by the shoulder troubles I've had, as I think I'm using it to try to get the club back farther.

But I'm going to work on taking the flying elbow out of my swing, and in trying that out with some practice swings, I can definitely feel that I need to get more flexible. So I need to do some hunting around for information on how to stretch, in general, as well as the hips, chest and shoulders area, so that hopefully over time I can work on increasing my backswing if I want to or need to.

I'm willing to hear any suggestions or routines people here do that they have found beneficial to their flexibility.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
I think if you search, I posted a link to some good stuff on the Golf Channel website probably close to a year ago'ish.
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast

Ravenous Bugblatter Beast

Deep in thought
Sep 6, 2005
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Thanks. I've been googling up some stuff during the day, off and on.

I definitely need to get more limber again. It's going to take time, though.

Big Brother Dunk

Well-Known Member
Aug 29, 2005
I've been doing yoga for about 4 years now and it has really increase my overall flexibilty. The surprising thing is that the yoga has also increase my strength. It's a helluva workout and I wasn't expecting that.


Well-Known Member
Oct 3, 2005
While I know a lot of people that are satisfied with yoga based golf conditioning programs, it is important to remember that yoga address only a few pieces of the golf performance enhancement spectrum.

To break it down, there are three main components that a golfer can address to improve their game:


The sub-components for Physical are:

Eye Hand Coordination

If your goal is total game improvement then perhaps you should consider a more complete (from a physical training perspective) training program. While yoga is great at increasing static flexibility, balance, stability and to a lesser extent strength, it has a very difficult time improving power, which is the key quality for improving distance. Power requires high speed of movement and yoga training focuses on slow, steady movements.

Despite my preference for a power/strength based golf training program, I do have to give kudos to yoga programs for the benefit that they have on the mental and emotional part, which is something power/strength based programs do not address.

I also use a wide variety of yoga movements in my programs and in my own workouts because some of them are very challenging and effective. However, I do not believe that a complete game improvement training program could be devised from yoga alone, just as a complete program could not be developed from power movements alone. It must be combined with other strategies/methods to yield significant power enhancement results.

Just want you to consider all parts of the equation.

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