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For Sale


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
I've got some stuff I want to get rid of.

i'm not going to post pictures unless they're requested.

All items are priced including Shipping.

I'll listen to interesting offers I guess. why not.

1) TM Rescue TP 19* with Accuflex Evolution Hybrid-S. Club is currently playing at 39.25" with a Karma Midsize Grip. Shaft is in great condition, as is the head. Couple little marks on the face and sole...but nothing abnormal. $95 shipped. No headcover.

2) TM Corzina AGSI+ 34". Stock Grip. Nearly New. Magnetic Headcover included. $75 shipped.

3) 15* Cleveland Launcher 3w Head. pretty good condition. just normal face and sole wear. $30 shipped.

4) Aldila NV-75S Pull from an Adams RPM LP Tour Proto 3w. that'd make it a .335 tip. played 43.25 in the head stock. i can measure if needed. no idea on the tipping etc. has a decent condition golfsmith half cord/half rubber grip on it now. $35 shipped

5) Grafalloy Blue Pull from an Adams Ovation Tour Issue 5w. which oddly played around 43.25"...(don't ask, thats how I received it.) .335 tip I believe. GPTV in okay shape on it now. $35 shipped.

6) Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 75-X Pull. Played 44.5" in a HiBore XL Tour. has a Lamkin Crossline on it now. I think it was tipped 1.5" $35 shipped.

7) Grafalloy Prolaunch Red 75-S pull. was pulled from an Adams BTY 4w. No grip on it. $35 shipped.

8) 14* Callaway Heavenwood. with SK Fiber Tour Trac 100. well used combo. some wear on the face, and shaft, little scratch on the crown. No Headcover. $70 shipped.

9) Adams Tight Lies GT Tour Irons. 3-PW. with Regular Steel shafts. and Adams Wrap Grips. Clubs are In pretty good condition. only saw about a half season of use. $100 shipped

10) Maxfli Revolution Irons. 3-pw. (no shaft on the pw) Decent condition. Shafted with Apollo Stepless steels. $100 shipped.

11) 8.5* HiBore XL Tour with Accuflex Creation 65-S. 44.5" Head is in okay condition. some wear on the face and sole. $130 shipped.

Thats it.

Like I said, I can provide pictures if you'd like some.

I'm all up for offers, and can try and work with you if you want multiple items.




El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
XL Tour price is way off. XLS Tour can be had, RETAIL, for $150 new now. I'm shocked to see XL Tours selling for more than $100 ever.

People just ain't interested without pictures, homie. And having you ask you to show us what you're selling makes us feel like you don't care :'(

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