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Form Regained


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
I posted a thread a while back about my fitting experience which has been lost in the ether while the admin changes are ongoing I presume. Also I'd had a miserable 18 months trying to overcome hooking and blocking everything, golf was horrible but glad to say after lessons and a little determination I'm getting my game back.

So this is just a bit of an update on my new gear and a cathartic ramble about what it's like to beat the doldrums.

Just to recap about the fitting - went full monty on it and you can see what I now play below. Only my driver and putter were unaltered.

Fairways - the Oban shafts have made a huge difference, the most noticable one of all. Going to a lighter weight has really helped and I am hitting them better than ever.

Irons - just love them. Thin top line, heaps of forgiveness and they feel superb. Really quite special. I wouldn't normally have got them but I got a fairly decent redundancy settlement so could up my budget a bit. The Nippon shaft is super smooth and they are just fun to play with.

Wedges - I had these lengthened a bit and reshafted and results are predictably better.

To give you an idea of how bad my game had got - in late June I shot 63 on our front 9, had no idea where it was going. 2 weeks ago I won our first comp of the year and have been improving my scores week by week. Oct was 100ish, December 90ish and now I am consistently in the 80s and pushing that 80 barrier. Kiss of death alert...

I received a lot of support here during my bad days and a few tellings off for being a big wuss (justified) so thx for that. I hope anyone who reads this who is struggling can take some hope that it can be turned around as I know how hopeless it can seem at times.

Pics will be here soon...


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
Nice to see you / hear you smiling again Stanters! Much more refreshing to know you can buy a game!

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