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Four weeks later


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
Boy, it's been a tough and slow 4 weeks since my surgery. In fact one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with both physically and mentally. The good news is that I have made good progress, am now walking unaided in the house, albeit with a big limp. I'm also a wizz on the crutches. Flexibility is still very poor and I am doing physio and stretching daily to combat it. I guess I am right on track in terms of my rehabilitation schedule. They said about 6 weeks to driving again (stick shift).

My scar has healed nicely, although I still have a lot of muscle pain, and bizzarely a lot of derrefer pain in my left knee, wtf?

Luckily the weather has been crappy so not overly missing golf, but feel the itch every now and then to swing a club. It will be a few weeks yet before I try a full swing. But hopefully will make it to the putting green soon.

I got me an exercise bike, but have been told to watch overdoing it, so it will be a week or so before it gets christened properly.

In the meantime Ima a grouchy old bugger, roll on Spring for all the right reasons.


Life's too short to drink cheap wine.
Apr 29, 2005
Good to hear things are progressing nicely, keep the balls in the air. ;)


The Plaid Duffer
Staff member
Oct 19, 2006
Sanford, NC
United States United States
Why would you wizz on your crutches? Doesn't that start smelling bad after a while? ;)

Glad you're doing well, my friend!!


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
Unbelievable how many folks at our course have "new" hips or knees. In our society, anymore, if you're over 50 and don't have an artificial joint you're just not 'with it'! You will heal? You will come back with so much less pain, you'll wonder why you didn't do this earlier. In the meantime, the body does take some time to heal. I pushed my knee, far beyond the recommendations of the ortho surgeon. I got lucky and didn't pay any consequences. However, the 'ghost stories' out there usually have to do with a recuperating patient doing stupid things... against the advice of his doctor or physical therapist. Do what they tell you! Push the envelope, just don't go above and beyond. By the end of the season, you will be playing better than you were before the surgery... and playing without the pain of a worn out hip.

Good luck in your recovery!!!!


Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007
Unbelievable how many folks at our course have "new" hips or knees.

Its becoming more and more frequent everyday. Knee arthroscopy and joint replacement are easily the most frequent programed elective surgeries in any clinic anywere. It makes you realize how we definetely aren't the "perfect creation" since joints, specialy knees, still are hundres of years away from evolving into a decent sustent for human beings.

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