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Fowler Hat issue..


Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2009
Im sure some of you seen the problem with him and his hat backwards...what is your stance?

Here is mine:

I am definitely not a country club going, i make a TON of money type of person, but lets's be honest, i wish i was.

However, even @ 28....I feel the crazy clothes was getting out of hand. And then the hat backward X-games styles @ press conference pushed it over the top. I love golf, I love the purity of the game, and with that the adherence to proper etiquette and appearance. On the same hand I feel like kids today feel like they can just change style of w/e they want, do w/e they want, and no one will say anything or stop them. I mean I will walk 30ft around if it means dodging a line of someones putt I am not sure about direction wise. Call me crazy, but I just enjoy the respect for others the game has always appreciated.

I realize kids like Fowler will be coming in more and more, and I am well aware of the times, but I feel like this was a good foot down on 1 small aspect of "style" that doesn't have to be in golf that will still allow people to enjoy the younger talents.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
If it helps him stand out, good for him. It's not like he's farting in someone's backswing. I think his giant hat is very silly looking; almost like something you'd see in a Japanese cartoon or something, but if you or anyone else on tour is bothered by that, they're not focusing enough on their own game.

I realize it's just a passing observation though. I wouldn't choose that "style" myself, but if he's happy and giant-headed, more power to 'em.


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
A difficult call. I have to be careful, due to my age. As our parents were distraguht over our "duck tails", flat tops with 'fenders', bell bottom trousers, mini-skirts, etc., I have some difficulty with the styles of today. But, if someone wants to wear his pants low and his underwear high... if someone wants to wear his hat 'gansta cocked' or backwards, go for it. Doesn't have any effect on me or my family. Except....

My son-in-laws get frustrated, but they know my wife will usher them back out the front door if they wear their hats inside our home. As we grew up, the respectful thing to do was to remove your hat when entering someone's home. She still expects that respect. Fowler was in "someone else's house". The Masters in an INVITATIONAL event that demands a different respect/decorum than most any other event. When in someone else's home you play by their rules. Fowler should have, at the first request, immediately abided by that request. To have the request be made twice, before he decided to turn the hat around, displayed a youthful arrogance... something even we were probably guilty of in our early years.

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