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Free Daily Golf Articles



If you are looking for some free golf articles to assist you with your golf game performance, then you may be interested to take a look at http://www.equipment-golf.com. Every day we will post a new article written by a respected golfing professional, even on weekends!

The articles are also published as a daily XML feed so you may add them to your RSS news aggrigator or to your website for some additional free content if you wish. If you post the feed to your website I only ask that you at least include a link back to equipment-golf.com.


Matt Thouvenot
Web Admin


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
I read a couple of the articles from different authors but they really didn't say much.
Any time I see ads at the top of every page I don't go any farther because it is usually a junk site. I tried to give your site a chance but it is like the others, a lot of talk, like I showed him the proper hand movement, how does that help me? He doesn't say what it is he just says he can show his students in a lesson. This is usually a ploy to get you to his site and then for a small fee he will show you the proper angle, hand movement or other so calles secret of the golf swing.

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