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Frequency filtered putter shaft. Huh?


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Just cruising the Golfsmith site because I'm "done buying for the year...."....what a crock.

Anyways, I came across a new shaft from UST, a Ferquency Filtered putter shaft. Apparently, it "lets you feel every putt clearly and precisely. Using frequency feedback to amplify touch, you'll feel distance and direction like never before.

Just as steel shafts replaced wood shafts almost 100 years ago, the Frequency Filtered putter shaft is destined to become the next great innovation in putting.

UST Frequency Filtered putter shafts make every putter better."

Huh? So when you push it right of the cup, you get great feedback on how shitty your putt was?

I don't get this. Can a better shaft actually improve your "feel" in terms of making more putts? I thought you still needed to aim right and hit it the right amount to make putts, but maybe I'm doing this wrong....

Any comments are welcomed.

Just because i'm curious about this thing, don't be surprised if I don't give it a go in the spring.

$58 bucks? Forget it. :D


Golf Monkey

Well-Known Member
Jun 9, 2005
There was review of these in Irish Golfer after Wes Short (Jr) won the Michelin Championship at Las Vegas, using one.

"Will it work? Reaction has been positive from Tour players who've tried the shaft. It seems that golfers who already have that refined sense of feel would benefit from a shaft such as this. The rest of us, however, might not be as able to capitalize, because, first, you must be able to appreciate the "feel," and second, you must be able to interpret that "feel" correctly. Recreational golfers aren't exactly known for their "feel."


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
Nick Faldo used to cut his nails to get more feel,I suppose anythings possible.

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