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FS: Callaway FT-5 Draw Fuji E-150 stiff


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Jun 30, 2009
FS: Callaway FT-5 Draw Fuji E-150 stiff $80

Hello Shot Talkers I'm new to the forum today. Looking forward to learning and reading on here.

I just bought a new Burner TP so my FT-5 is looking for a new home. I bought this from GolfSmith's demo bin back in the spring.

Fuji E-150 Stiff shaft, factory Callaway ribbed velvet grip, no head cover. I live in the Tampa area so pick up would be fine, but for shipping I use UPS Ground and payment would be through PayPal. Shipping will be $12 and I will pick up the other $8. The local PakMail store has a fixed price for single golf clubs in the 48 contiguous states. of $20, but I will pick up $8.

I will have a few pics up later today, but suffice to say it's in great condition. The bottom has a little wear, but it's normal wear from use. No idiot marks on top, face is clean and shaft is perfect. The grip is actually as close to perfect as you can get and won't need to be replaced for a long, long time.

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