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FS: Callaway, Wishon, Maltby, Nickent....


Rules Nerd
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Mar 9, 2005

I have my FTI for sale further down the forum, but I'll relist it here in my multiple stuff.

I kind of need cash, so I am cleaning out my closet, so to speak. Make me an offer.

All prices are Paypalled and shipped CONUS.

Thanks for looking.

First up is the flagship of my post. My Callaway FTI Tour Neutral 8.5* w/ and Aldila NV 65-X shaft. It comes with an FTI headcover with some 10* writing on it. The pics speak for themselves. There is a small scratch on the bottom, as shown in the pic. Very minor and will not affect play.

The club is 45 3/4" long.

Would like to get $230 paypalled and shipped CONUS.






The next item I have up for sale is a practically new Nickent 3DX Tour Square 9* driver. SOLD!!!

The next item I have in GREAT condition is a Tom Wishon 321LI 18* 2-hybrid. It is 40 1/4" long and has a Wishon GI335 graphite shaft. It is a stiff shaft. This club includes the headcover.

It has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

This club is in almost new condition. The customer I made it for tried it a few times and just didn't like it for some reason. My loss, your gain.

I would like to get $55 PP'd and shipped CONUS.



Now I'll get into the lightly to heavily used stuff. This stuff is priced as closeout. Take it off my hands. Please! LOL!

I have a lightly used Wishon 919THI in 9*. SOLD!!!

I also have a Maltby CT250, 9.5* with a BB Solutions 130 X-flex shaft in it. It is 44 1/8" long at D-4 SW. The CT250 is the all titanium one, not the grapite crown version.

The head has normal wear. No skymarks etc but not new by any stretch. No headcover is included.

I'm asking $50 shipped CONUS.



Next up is an ancient Hogan 19* 2h. It is 41" and includes the headcover. It has an Apex Edge #4 shaft. It also has a LOT of lead tape along the back and top. There is some chrome deterioration on the shaft and there is some ferrule creep.

But, if you'd like to try a Hogan hybrid for cheap, this still swings just sweet. At least for me.

Asking $25 shipped CONUS



Last club.

An ANCIENT Adams Tight Lies GT 15* Smart 3. It is 42 1/4" and has a steel Performance Lite stiff shaft in it.

I have put a ton of lead tape on the back and top.

It has a Golf Pride Players Softie Midsize grip on it. It includes the headcover.

$20 shipped CONUS. Thanks.




I have 4 shafts for sale, all are pull-outs.
Graphalloy NT Proto 85G S-Flex. It is 43 3/4" from tip to grip cap. GP Dual Durometer grip. .335 tip. SOLD!

Accuflex VS339 in X-Flex. It has been tipped, I remember that, and currently is 44" long. It weighs 75g's and is a .335 tip.

BB Solutions 130 in X-Flex. Chrome. .335 tip. It is 43 3/4" from tip to grip cap. SOLD!

Graman 540 GD Transitions. S-Flex. 42" and is .335 tip. It is 60.6g's currently.


I'm asking $30 for both the remaining shafts. Give them a try!

Well that's it. All prices are negotiable. PM me any offers.

If you buy any item, I will throw in the Hogan hyrid or Adams 3wd for $10 more if you'd like, if they haven't sold.

Thanks for looking!


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
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Edited to reflect sold items and price changes.

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