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FS\FT - 12* DCT 551 Club Head Only


Well-Known Member
Aug 22, 2008
I’m re-listing this driver head with a trade option this time around. I've decided to put this up on the market again as I cannot adjust to the open club face. Previous owner indicated that it's about 1* open for which I'd have to agree. I'm just used to hitting the closed club faces and cannot break with that look I guess. It's in super nice condition, and would easily rate it on a 9+/10 condition.

Buy now price is only $80 shipped. This is a rare loft that is legal according to my information. All other lofts in the DCT 511 from what I understand are not USGA Legal. Otherwise, let me know what you have to offer, my trade interests are:

> Higher lofted driver heads,
> S-flex shafts (Driver or FW length), I’d need raw length, tipping information and tip prep to determine if a fit or not,> 3-wood club head only or shafted, prefer 14* loft, but would consider 15*.
Iron shafts (R-flex), like the Rifle 4.5's and open to any of these (FST 90 Ultra Lite, FST 115 and Apollo Stepless) to name a few
> Golf balls of interest are Callaway HX Tour, TOUR ix or the new Bridgestone Tour B330-RX

Based on what you have to offer, we can adjust with funds as needed either way. The DCT 551 would look great in your bag and you know it!

Here are some pictures (please note that in the one picture there appears some epoxy residue from the shaft pull, it has since been cleaned out):