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FS: Mizzy MP 60 3i; Tommy Armour 845HB PW; Callaway Forged+ 56*; Cleveland HiBore


Sep 2, 2006
i have a mizzy MP 60 3 iron for sale... like new, id rate 9.5/10.. ive hit it maybe 10 times, 10 shots, not 10 times out on the golf course. comes with decade grip in brand new condition. RIFLE PROJECT X High Launch shaft... not sure what the flex is... i think the guy i bought it from said it was either a 5.0, or a 5.5.... but my guess is that it is a 5.0, but i am not a clubmaker or a pro, so i have no real idea...

i couldnt hit this thing very well.. i got the distance i wanted, but it wouldnt get up in the air for me... a great club, from the best iron manufacturer out!!

im trying to get $40 + ship for this, which is $10 less than what i paid...

i still have my Hibore for sale... 10.5 loft, stiff stock fuji... retail head.. BRAND NEW, with sticker still on the face... headcover was strangely not including when i bought it, 3 weeks ago Cleveland told me they would ship me one... it still has not arrived yet, but if you want to, when you buy the club, you can call Cleveland and ask them to ship you one... both TM, and Callway have done that same exact thing for me..

price is now $140.. down $35.. :)

next is a cally forged+ 56* wedge... satin finish... 12* bounce.. like new... ive hit it maybe 40-50 shots...sole of the club is very nice... the face has some slight scratches, where the ball came across the face, but thats normal for a forged wedge... grip is a pristine like new cally cord grip, that came stock... i liked the grip alot... true temper shaft.. im assuming wedge flex, but there is no indication on the club, besides the true temper sticker... its stock, so whatever this club comes with stock, is what it has...

the story behind this club is that i originally bought one in '05.. i beat it up really bad hitting it from a stream, dont ask how i got in there... :) and there were actual gashes in the bottom, with chrome loss all over...

i called cally, and being the nice company they are, they replaced it for free towards the end of last years fall season!! so this club is basically new.... the only reason it needs to go, is because i have a TM rac tp 56* wedge to replace it...

this is one great club!! price is $35, plus ship... negotiable.... just PM me if you are interested... reminder, i paid $130 for this club brand new, when i bought the original one in the 05 summer season...

i also have a friends tommy armour 845 PW... this PW came in a set, but he bought a TM lofted PW, so he wants me to sell it... this is a nice club.. it has a nice cavity back... but has a nice feel to it... the back looks very similar to a mp 30, i would know since i own a set.. :)

regular flex true temper... the grip is in okay condition.. actually still like new, but TBH i dont like it very much.. i would be willing to regrip it for you, for a small fee including a discounted grip cost, and $2 for my time... or you can do it yourself, if you just want the grip, ill throw a GP decade in for $7 and you can do the labor yourself...

price is $25 + ship... negotiable... my friend needs grocery money now, lol... PM me to discuss the negotiations.....

i also have a callaway warbird 3+ wood.. im assuming 13* loft since the head says 3+... steel true temper stiff shaft.. in decent condition... grip is a POS.. ill entertain offers, but not really looking to get rid of it...


Sep 2, 2006
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mizuno mp 60 3 iron price drop to $40 plus actual shipping costs.. im taking a hit on this one...

i cant drop the hibore anymore... its BRAND NEW!!! someone take it... i havent even hit it...

cally 56* price drop to $35 plus actual ship... its like new!!!

tommy armour PW price drop to $25....

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