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FS: Snake Eyes hybrid, 2i, 18*, 5w


Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2005
Sunny Southern California
United States United States
Slight skymark at the very tip, otherwise, real nice shape. Snake Eyes Quick Strike A-flex shaft, Snake Eyes grip which is a Golf Pride Players "Sofftie". The more I look at the club, the more it looks like a really nice club. Just that skymark, which may not be a skymark, might be a scrape of some sort. Grooves are good, face is nice, grip not worn. Guess I'd rate the club at a 7 or 8, would be a 9 if not for that mark. Comes with the Snake Eyes Quick Strike head cover which is a little faded from being washed. Anyway, 30 bucks OK? Another 6 for postage? Have pics. This club always got good reviews.


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