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FT-i question (fitting/clubbuilding related)


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Feb 3, 2007
One of my coworkers knows that I've built clubs for friends/family and I've regripped some clubs for him in the past and I can usually answer questions on bag makeup and club purchases.

His latest buy was a 25th anniv. FT-i that he got a "decent price" on from TGW or something. It's about 46" long and he knows he should be playing a club in the 43.5-44" range. He's asked me to cut it down for him, which I'd be happy to do, but I think this club needs to be butt trimmed AND tipped so weight can be added to the head to get the swingweight/MOI up to a normal range with the shorter shaft.

We want the shaft (fuji 686) to play like a soft stiff, so I think adding some weight will help with that, but I can't add 24 grams to make up for the 2" I want to cut off and expect the shaft not to be a noodle.

I would pull the shaft and tip it, but I just don't think I'm ready to try my first bore-through shaft pull on a brand new "limited edition" composite clubhead. (I had warned him before I knew he had bought the club that it's not easy to pull shafts from the FT-i's and that, if the shaft needed to be pulled, he was running the risk of ruining the head or losing the shaft (assuming we cut/drilled it out) - but I'd rather not be responsible)

I think I have a number of options - which do you guys think is best given the circumstances?

1) butt trim an inch or so and add some weight til we find where he's making the best contact at ~45" (easy to do, but not the desired 44" length)?

2) butt trim an inch and have the head pulled by an experienced professional and tipped an inch, then add some weight until we find where he makes the best contact?

3) butt trim 2 inches, add some (but not all) weight to the head, then experiment with backweighting to find a the right "heft"? (other than putters, I have no experience here)

4) if whatever I chose from above fails, cut the shaft at the hosel, drill it out, fit him for a new shaft, build the club using the FT-i head as a component

5) ??? - I'm open to suggestions if you have them

any thoughts?


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
Option 2 is best.

Backweighting, according to Tutelman, does virtually nothing for the "heft" of a club in the swing.


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I would cut it down to 44.5". That head is super forgiving, so even on mishits, he's going to hit it straighter than he normally would.

Don't worry about weighting until he's had a chance to hit it. If it feels light to him, add some weight. I wouldn't worry too much about the flex in that shaft, it's going to be soft to begin with.



Clubmaking Ho
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Apr 21, 2007
I agree with Rock. Cut it to 44.5 to begin with, hit it and see if it's OK. My bet is that it will be. You can always play with weighting and tipping later if required.


Gimme some roombas!
Aug 13, 2006
I agree with Rock and MGP. Cut and hit. I thought I liked heavier clubs, but after MOI matching, I'm playing driver with a C8 SW. I love it.


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Feb 3, 2007
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Thanks guys - I'm going to just butt trim it tonight and see what happens
He's coming from a 44.5" FT-5 that he thinks is a little too long - I'm all for lighter than "normal" swingweights, but I was afraid going from D-4 to C2 was a bit extreme

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