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Funai Classic-Go Jason Gore


Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2005
I am happy to see Jason Gore doing so well on the PGA tour. He is at 12 under t6 in the Funai Classic at the moment. I think he provides alot of inspiration to aspiring golfers and to those on smaller tours. Just goes to show what a lot of hard work and determination can do.

Not really your classic golfer build (built kinda like me actually, only taller), but a great player to watch none the less. And he seems to really have a love of the game and his family. He seems to be your Average Joe hero, with a killer swing. My visors off to him.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
He's like John Daly without all the problems. He must be having the time of his life.

Looks like Tiger's gonna miss another cut. Can you believe a triple and a double in the same round. That's got to be a first.


Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
Go Gore Go. I love watching this guy play. I only wish I had some days off during the tourment so I could go watch him play. I am working afternoon shift as well so I can not even watch it on TV. :mad:

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