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Get "STUFF" by liking our facebook page!


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Jun 1, 2007
Heres the deal, we got a facebook page up where we started to post specials...but no one knows we're there....

So here's what we'll do....

Go to our face book page -->indacupgolf.com | Facebook

Then click on the "LIKE IT".

For every fifty people who register, we will draw a name from those and re-shaft their driver with a $150 Okato shaft.

If we get 100, 150 or more people, the original 50 are not out of the drawing, once you "like us" you are eligible from now till midnight, Halloween 2010.

Also, anyone who wins once, cannot win again.....need to spread the wealth!

Plus, the specials we offer on Facebook ALONE should make you all register with us!

Any questions???