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Golf Academy Grand Opening, NYC


Professional Golfer
Sep 14, 2005
Dear Shot Talk Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Grand Opening of my FlagshipGolfAcademy. Conveniently located in the WorldFamousEmpireStateBuilding, the Academy caters to the player’s busy schedule, by offering both half hour and hour lessons. Our climate controlled environment allows a player to be comfortable and able to concentrate on acquiring the skills of the game all year round.

Our facility specializes in:

-State of the art computer and golf software

-Teaching, training, and strength machines designed to fit any player’s ability

-A multi-contoured putting green which feature the top training aids used by PGA tour players

-All lessons are videotaped from three angles; head on, down the line and aerial view; to be viewed on a 42 inch plasma television, the only golf facility in the City with that capability

Looking to sponsor an event or impress a big client? Matthew Lombardo Golf & Entertainment LLC offers a variety of golf programs and events designed to fit anyone’s needs and specifications.

Please feel free to email or ask any questions. I would like to be a part of this community.

EmpireStateBuilding, 20th Floor, Suite 2025

Telephone: 212-564-5306

Or on the web at www.mlgolfnyc.com


Matthew Lombardo



Professional Golfer
Sep 14, 2005
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I'm no longer down at the Chelsea Piers. I did do a video for Rick Smith for his Right Angle training aid that played on the Golf Channel. Depending on where you live I use to do the Golf Tips for channel 11 on the WB network. I also did some other golf projects.


Bodybuilding Golf Pro
Dec 19, 2008
Matt -By chance, are you originally from Cambridge Mass? Fresh Pond GC?


Life's too short to drink cheap wine.
Apr 29, 2005
Ignore......Spammer dredged up a 5 year old thread - I don't think Matt has been on this board in several years.

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