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Golf Ball Test


Interlocking Now
Sep 25, 2005
So before my round on an empty golf coursefriday after school, I dug through the barrel to see if any of the balls were worth testing.

Heres what I came out with.

Ben Hogan Apex Tour Red
Wilson Staff Tx4
Strata Tour Ultimate
Srixon Z-URS
Precept U-Tri Tour

I pretty much tested these balls around different shots, nobody behind me.
These balls were tested From; Driver, 4 iron shots, 8 iron shots, full wedges, and greenside.

Driver:They were all pretty much the same from driver, lowish spinning. But the Strata Tour Ultimate spun alot and went higher/was hard to control.

4 iron approaches: All balls had a bounce, check, release action when hitting the greens (Ball within 8 feet of ball mark) except the hogan, which missed the green, and the Precept, that was hooked OB and lost. The Strata had the highest trajectory, While I favored the flatter trajectory of the Wilson Staff Tx4.

8 iron approaches: All four of the remaining balls hit the green. This is where performance realy stood out, The Strata hit pin high, and spun back about 4 feet, and the Hogan hit, bounced back and spun off of the green. The Srixon and Wilson hit the green, bounced and spun back a tad, within 2 feet of the ballmark

Wedge Shots: I hit the Hogan and the strata first with my 58* X-Tour Wedge. Spun off the green, and were later found to be sheered beyond belief. The Wilson and Srixon were similar in the amount of spin, hopping a few times and spinning back near the ball mark.

Greenside Spin: After the round on the practice green I was messing around with these balls, and the Srixon was better on durability and greenside shots. The srixon would hit, take a few bounces and stop, as the wilson would release more.


Ben Hogan:
Good for slower swingers, particularly on approach shots.
Strata: Good for Straight hitters who really need to spin the ball
Wilson: Good for People who want mid spin in their Irons, and more from wedge shots
Srixon: Same as wilson, but much more durable.



No more triple bogies!!
Oct 31, 2005
Good review. Did you like any of them enough to play them regularly?

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