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Golf Channel VIDEO: Annika Sorenstam Explains Accepting Presidential Medal of Freedom After...

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Apr 8, 2012
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HALL OF FAMER ANNIKA SORENSTAM HAS SURFACED after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump the day after the U.S. Capitol was attacked and occupied, leaving five people dead.

Sorenstam, the new International Golf Federation President, talked to Golf Channel's Steve Burkowski. Here's a bit:

Asked about the timing of the event in the wake of the deadly attack, and with Trump on the verge of getting impeached for a second time because of his instigation, Sorenstam said, "Well, I'm not one to second-guess. It was supposed to be in March 2020, and looking back at it, it's just really about the people who have received it through history. I don't want to spend any energy looking back, I like to spend energy looking forward, continue to open doors, create opportunities for the young girls around the world."​

If golfers qualify for the award -- and apparently they do if recent history is any indication -- then Sorenstam is certainly deserving. That's not at issue. Nor are politics. This doesn't have to be about whether one supports or doesn't support President Trump.

The fact is January 6 was truly a "dark day in American history" (her words), one that won't be forgotten. There's no diminishing the tragic reality that the seat of U.S. government came under attack.

To use a golf analogy, accepting a medal in a private White House ceremony the next day was a really bad read by Annika. The same goes for Gary Player.

It was awful timing. Especially for Sorenstam as a new international leader in golf.

Whatever Sorenstam says for public consumption, I hope she actually does second-guess herself. That's what good leaders do. They acknowledge mistakes and errors in judgment. It helps them get better and inspires more confidence in those they lead.

Source: Golf Channel VIDEO: Annika Sorenstam Explains Accepting Presidential Medal of Freedom After 'Dark Day in American History'

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