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Golf Commentator on Golf Channel


Well-Known Member
Mar 2, 2005
Since I have been out of school, I have been watching a lot of golf channel. The past two weeks, I have been watching the Senior Tour. I have found something very annoying. I don't know who it is but one of the commentators on the tournament doesn't realize that you can hear him breathing into the mic. You can hear a loud squeaky noise from his nose or somthing, I don't know, it is just annoying.

Also, did Odyssey really make a happy gilmore putter, I kinda remember seeing one at like a Golf Discount one time.


Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2005
With a really good sound system I can hear the nose whistle of some announcers.

When the announcer's mic is very sensitive, sometimes you can hear their producer cue them with the player and hole coming up on the next camera shot.

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