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Golf Dreams

TEA Time

TEA Time

Grumpy Gilmore
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Mar 23, 2011
Portland, Oregon
United States United States
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Last night: It's the US Open again, I was late for my tee time and the rest of the group had already played on. The first hole was a par three, like 60 yards long. I aced it. The tee announcer said that -2 put me in the lead, one shot better than Phil. Heading to the second tee and an event coordinator offered to drive me to the shuttle to get to the tee faster. I guess the 2nd tee was quite a hike from 1 green. We get to the shuttle building and just missed it. She assured me another one would be coming... but it didn't. After a few minutes I got word that I had been DQ'd due to being so late and behind my own group.

Still, for one hole I was leading the US Open.


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Sep 19, 2008
Alliston, ON
Canada Canada
Not sure if this counts as a dream, but there is a “Happy Place” meditation that I do with the kids quite regularly. I enjoy it because it first makes me chuckle every time thinking of Happy Gilmour and second, my Happy Place is always a golf course. It’s sometimes a course I’ve played, but I’ve also been on the 12th at Augusta, The Old Course, 17th at sawgrass, etc...

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