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Golf flexibility: some of this stuff is hard!


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
I've just started doing this series of stretches that I found on The Golf Channel website because I want to gain flexibility to support my improvement goals:


A couple of them I found quite difficult, particularly:

4. Hamstring
10. Cross hip (that is possibly the hardest stretch I've ever tried to do)
11. Low Trunk - I think this one was only hard because of my hamstrings, so my gf is gonna show me a better way to stretch it (she's a dance teacher so stretching is fundamental to her work)

Most of these stretches require the use of her "stretch trainer", although I just use a "yoga band"...basically a two inch wide piece of canvas that's about 4 feet long and it works just fine.

Since I've just started doing them, I haven't exactly seen huge improvement, but I can tell already that doing these are going to be very useful...even if just for overall well-being.

That whole "health and fitness" section on the Golf Channel website actually has a lot of really good stuff on it. The yoga section with Katherine Roberts has some similar flexibility stuff in it, and there's quite a bit on strength training for golf as well, which I haven't gotten into exploring much yet.

Anyhow, I'll keep you posted on the results and some of you may want to try it as well.


Silver, how old are you? I got a great book from a former Russian Spetznaz(spelling?) trainer on stretching... Pretty radical stuff that you might not be interested in. If you would like, I can post a few links on how he got guys in the Russian Special Forces to do the splits, through pain within two months... It is a fantastic education on the phizzyohology (sorry master) of the human body... It is not for soft guys...

Sorry I got you mixed up with Classic, the cool black dude that will play Besson in a few months...


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
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I'm 26. I doubt I need "radical" stretching when I can't even do this stuff comfortably. Especially because I'm a "soft" guy.

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