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Golf glasses


Well-Known Member
Mar 27, 2005
Golfsmith has these glasses that are supposed to help you see the ball lying in the rough. has anyone tried them? They run about $40.00 so I would like to know if anyone seen or tried them and can vouch for their effectivness.


Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
I read a review on them somewhere.

Bottom line.......

Don't waste your money.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
All they do is contrast the colors. It will make a very slight difference but not worth the money.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
I got a set for xmas as a joke this year. I take them with me...they hang off my bag.

That's about it.


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
I tried them this last weekend, and they work pretty well if you play a course with long rough, or hit it into the woods a lot.

A guy I was playing with had a gift certificate to Sharper Image, so he only paid $15. The key is to let your eyes adjust to the light difference. Put them on right after you hit, then walk to your ball. By the time you get there, your eyes should adjust.

The whites explode like they are under blacklight. You'd really be surprised how much birdshit there is on rhubarb leaves.

Still, I'd rank them as midly useful unless you play a course with long rough. The kind that you can't see the ball unless you are right on top of it.

I doubt I'd pay $40 for them though.

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