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golf schizophrenia


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I get up early and go over there at a bit past 7. I'm gonna play with one group or the other...

Walk out to get in a cart to drive to practice range and the walkers are on the first tee...they need another player badly as they only have five players and two tee times. The course does not allow fivesomes. The ask me to play right then. Kind of pleading...

I go ahead. I am stone cold. Only got up about 45 minutes prior to this - quick cup of coffee and cereal.

It's like a foreign game...I cannot do anything. What is this in my hand? A golf club? Look at this short one. What does it do? Putt? Is this sand I am standing in? Why did they put that there?

I start double bogey, bogey, double, double, bogey, bogey. We are playing the $10 stableford and my quota is 26 because my current home course handi is 10. I know I am going to be $10 lighter in about 2 more hours.

After six holes - El Bravo has amassed three points.

I start thinking, "maybe I need to get away from it for a month or so...I have no feel for this...".

7 is a short par 3, I fail to hit the green but get up and down. A glimmer...perhaps. My first par.

8 is a dogleg left par 5. I hit a big draw in the left rough. Then an 8 iron over the dogleg and a gap wedge and two putt for par. My first GIR. Maybe just a little light here.

9 - I play routinely. It is a short par 4 and I hit 3 wood and gap wedge. I feel like I am standing up now.

On the back, I start crushing the ball. I am not trying to hit it harder - its just that I can feel my rythim coming under me. I hit 9, PW, PW, 9, 8, Gap, SW, and PW on my approaches on the back. On 16, which is admittedly downhill - I got 337 out of my driver. On the par 5 17th, I hit my Sonartec 3 wood squarely into the front bunker in two. On 18, a 413 yard slightly downill par 4 - I had 120 to the pin. I am ripping the ball.

I shoot 1 over on the back and end up with an 82. I can't wait to play next week.

26 points for Bravo my opener....if we were using existing index's - I would have hit my quota on the nose...


Next time drink two beers before you start your round. That might help you better on the front nine.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
I honestly think that taking some time off over the winter, (even though we don't have one) might be a good idea. Two weeks ago we played 27 holes and every 9 got better. The last one was six over which is two better than my index.

The next time we played it was about like your front nine. What club is this? How do I swing this 6 iron? Drove me friggen nuts. I went to the demo day Saturday and everything felt fine again. I bet if we just relax a little everything will come back to us.

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