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Golf tickets / stubs WANTED !!


Well-Known Member
Nov 22, 2006
Greetings fellow Golfers and Hackers

I am Bill from Perth, Australia. My hobby is to collect old and unused Golf tickets and / or ticket stubs from Golf tournaments held here in Australia, UK and the USA. I am particularly interested in tickets from the Australian Masters and Australian Open held over the past few years.

I have a number of tickets already from Firestone course in the US and also a bunch of tickets from The Grove in the Uk and would like to add more to my small collection.

Any help would be much appreciated indeed. Please PM me or email me bilattwell@hotmail.com

Many thanks and Happy Hacking !!



Sep 2, 2006
i have a Booz Allen Classic stub, from the saturday round of last year.. the last year they had the tournament...

i dont know if you would want it though...

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