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Golfweek: The $100,000 Stipend for PGA Tour Players Who Test Positive for COVID-19

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Apr 8, 2012
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GOLFWEEK'S ADAM SCHUPAK REPORTED about what appears to be a very generous sick leave program for PGA Tour players:
During his press conference on Wednesday, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan referenced the Tour's "stipend program."
Apparently, players who test positive for coronavirus are eligible to receive as much as $100,000 as long as they follow the [PGA] Tour's health and safety guidelines during the 10-14 day self-isolation process.
"We have developed a program, a stipend program, for players on our tours, if they were to test positive during the week or during competition, and to be able to be eligible for those protocols, we've just reconfirmed for our players, you must follow our protocols in order to qualify for the stipend," [PGA Tour Commissioner] Monahan said.​
Schupak added that caddies who test positive are eligible for up to $10,000, according to a Golf Channel report.

And this:
PGA Tour players love to tout how they are independent contractors, but receiving a $100,000 stipend for effectively not playing sounds a lot like something only an employer might do.​
That's pretty good money for sitting out two weeks.


Source: Golfweek: The $100,000 Stipend for PGA Tour Players Who Test Positive for COVID-19

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