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GOOD, bad shot....


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Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
worst shot ever? blah, who needs that!

I prefer the bad shot that turned out better than ok........for instance....

Hole number one I topped one off the tee which hobbled miserably about 50 feet and dribbled into the cart path (paved) and rolled downhill all the way to the green (about pin high, par 4, 340ish) I took a free drop from the path, chipped up and 2 putted for par. Cha Ching! :)


Keystone Conesure
Jul 17, 2005
Played 3 clubs today snap hooked a 5 wood behind a bunch of trees. Open up a 9 iron up over the trees stuck it and made the birdie putt


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Great drive...100 or so out on an uphill approach, hit the ultimate worm burner gap wedge that stops 8 feet from the pin and make the birdie putt.

I just shook my head and said "I didn't deserve that at all".


Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
The best bad shot I have seen belonged to my friend several years ago. He had a nice drive on a par 4, but chunked his 2nd shot about 20 yards. Determined not to hit it fat, he totally blades an 8 iron from about 130 yards and launches one of those line drives about 4 feet off the ground that is clearly going to fly the green and end up over the road behind the hole. The ball ends up smacking the pin dead on about two feet up the stick and DROPS INTO THE HOLE for a birdie 3!

I though I had him for sure when he chunked the second shot as my 2nd was on the green. Knew I had him when he bladed the ball that HAD to end up O.B. beyond the road. Lost the hole when I missed a 30 footer and tapped in for par.


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
this was about 5 years ago, making me 11 me and my gmpa were playing this short course and theres this 60 yard par 3 with hazards short right and left but the cart path runs on a dam between the two straight up to the green, i mishit the ball really badly, as i watch it go down most likely in the hazard i then see it pop straight back up in the air accompanied by the sound of the ball hitting the cart path that we all love to hear, the ball drops on the green and rolls to 3 inches, which to today is my second closest to the pin shot


Well-Known Member
Mar 21, 2005
Duffed a 9-iron from 125 away, skidded across the ground, went right in the cup.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
My only hole in one was a big push with a 3 wood over some trees,but the wind brought it back,one bounce and in


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Not mine but I was in a match play tourney, 1 up thru 16. Guy duffs his drive and so his 3 wood leaves him 40 yards out. The wind is blowing across us at 15 MPH and I manage to put it 3 feet from the pin and I am thinking the match is over. The guy blades a 9 inon chip. the ball wraps itself in the flag, drops straight down into the cup! I am rattled and miss my putt, and wind up losing the match.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
190 yard par 3. At the time, it was better for me to go easy 5 wood instead of a strong 3 or 4. I topped it, and it hit the ground maybe 5 feet in front of me, and rolled ALL THE WAY to the green. I wondered, should I pretend I meant to do that..?


Never Say Die
Jul 28, 2005
Just remembered this one...

Earlier this summer I shitted up #8 at our country club, 520 or so yard par 5. It's reachable in 2 with a couple good shots but I wasn't even close. Crap almost chili dip pop-up drive, chunk layup, bladed a wedge 40 feet past the hole leaving me a big left-breaking downhill putt. I make an awful putt that is left all the way and way too hard...and it hits a ball mark or spike mark about a foot away from the cup, which makes the ball jump 30 degrees to the right and sends it right in. I think that's one of the two or three happiest moments I've ever had on a golf course. It was like winning the lottery.

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