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Good Round?


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
Ok, today we practiced at a local country club, (nice place), the sun was shining all day, and as we head off it gets really windy, the clouds come over and all hell literally freezes over, as the weather goes to S**T so does my game, i won't go into any further details about that, now, we were playing a match play me and our number 1, against our number 3 and 4 and coach, two lowest scores from each team, lowest combined score wins the hole.
I now skip to the 7th hole, me and our number one (i'm #2) find ourselves down 3, with three holes left, i find second wind and get a par bogey par, which happens to be good enough to tie the game

even though in total, the round was terrible, i feel good about coming through for my team, kinda stupid, but how would everyone else feel about this?

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