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Got the new club fever bad, and that ain't good


Style guru
Sep 10, 2004
Sorry to bring up embarrassing memories if this rings bells for anyone, but I just can't seem to stop tinkering with clubs, especially since I started building clubs from components earlier this summer. I've been working pretty seriously on lowering my handicap this year (currently 10), but my play/practice schedule keeps getting interrupted by the call of new clubs to build out in the garage/workshop. Right now, I have a 5 wood waiting for the epoxy to dry in the shaft; can't play tonight 'cause I have to cut it to length, check-adjust swingweight, and grip it. Then I also have a new 7-wood head and shaft waiting to assemble, plus a new shaft for the 22-degree Rescue Mid (whose "old" shaft now resides in a 19-degree hybrid that is in the current lineup).

I figure that as soon as I've eBayed off all my Callaway, Taylormade, Cleveland etc. clubs and replaced every single one with a spiffy customized model of my own creation, this fever will let go of me. Either that, or I'll no longer be able to afford any more components once the cupboard of OEM clubs is bare. What do you think? Is there hope of stopping the onslaught of new clubs, or should I let me club membership lapse and just buy a bunch of tickets for the driving range?


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I went through this process. It's quite exciting, because it's new, you' re in the lookout of something better. But in the same time, it doesn' t improve your handicap in a substantial matter.
Instead, I suggest that you find a club that you' re the most comfortable with, with the lie that suits your swing. Stick and practice with it, because it gets some time to get used to.
And range time is a very good idea. It' s the sure way to lower your handicap.

Keep it up and good luck :)