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GPS problem (question 1)


Well-Known Member
Mar 27, 2005
Has anyone else started using a GPS and find out you don't hit the ball as far as you thought:eek:
All my irons are shorter.


Clubmaking Ho
Supporting Member
Apr 21, 2007
Oh yes, GPS yards and internet yards are two different things... :laugh:

The first year I had my GPS I wasn't playing regularly with Youngun5 yet. I played several public courses around the area and when the guys I'd get paired with found out I had a GPS they all wanted me to measure their drives for them.

"Wow, I really taged that one. Must be at least 280!"

"Uh, no... the GPS says 245."

"Really? No way! That thing can't be right!"



Well-Known Member
Jan 30, 2007
Me too. I keep checking to see is the stupid thing is reading meters or some other lengthy unit. Fathoms???? It's gotta be WRONG.:confused: Some technology sucks.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
Yep, it does suck to think you really nailed one, only to find out it was only 250 something, counting roll out. But, on the other hand, when you do catch one just right and it reads 280 or more, it makes you feel that much better.

But I've learned to ask my playing partners before telling them their actual yardages, "are you sure you want to know"? :D


Well-Known Member
Apr 8, 2009
Makes ya feel even worse when ya see the Tour guys hitting a 5 iron 235 to a green..on TV...PIN HIGH!!


Golfer on hiatus.
Supporting Member
Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
United States United States
Happens all the time, crank out a good one on a 450 yd par 4. Think to myself damn that looked & felt nice, has to be 250-260 yds out. Nope, the GPS states 215-220...what the hell, no way???? But then you look back at the tee box & then towards the green & yep only halfway at best.


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2008
Something neat to test out with your GPS is the effect of wind on your irons. One of the first things I did with my GPS when I got it was went to the center of a fairway that was playing strait into a 15 mph wind. First I hit PW strait into the wind then I turned around and hit PW strait down wind. I concentrated on making the exact swing each time. Into the wind I got 95 yards and down wind I got 165. I couldn't believe how big the difference was. My no-wind PW is 115.


DB Member Extraordinaire
Supporting Member
Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
Yeah...playing down in TN doc had a GPS...damn thing...lol

I cracked a pretty good one, one of the guys commented they thought it would be around 280ish...ended up being like 245 or something like that, might have even been shorter i dont remember exactly but i definatly thought it went further than what it did.

I have always wondered wether the signs at driving ranges are set shorter than stated distances or if i just tend to swing harder at the driving range since there is really no consequence. Several ranges around me have 250 signs and i can regularly fly those at the range...but on the course unless its down-wind i never seem to be over 250ish(calculated by taking the teebox yardage minus yardage left ot middle of the green...so definatly not perfect by any means.

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