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Great article on F1 racing cars or champ cars...




It is mentioned in this article that the downforce from the spoilers is strong enough that the car can ride on the top of a tunnel, and they have to weld the manhole covers down during races or the car will suck them up into the air... I found it quite interesting.

Check it out. :)


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Aug 27, 2004

While I am not a big race fan - I must say that the biggest sporting thrill of my life was watching the Indianapolis 500. I went to the race three times and one year had great seats near the start-finish line right across from the pits.

I will never forget going down to the wall. You are standing about 10 feet from a car going by at 230 mph. And after attending some NASCAR races where the cars create a "Wall of Sound" as they go by, the supercool technology of these cars was superb.

Kind of a whirring, Ziinngg as they go by from the Turbochargers....The NASCAR vehicles sound crude by comparison. I think it has something to do with the engines - I don't know. Perhaps because NASCAR vehicles are not turbocharged? Is this right?


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Bravo, I am no expert on that stuff. I am not a race fan at all. I am just interested in the technology behind the cars.

But I do believe that Nascars are suppossed to be naturally aspirated, I think...

I don't know... That is really cool, that you have been to the Indianapolis 500 3 times though. I would like to see a race sometime in my life... I was talking to my wife, and we are both about 36 years of age, and we were talking about all the places we had been... We were thinking that in the next 20 years we will travel much more (over that period) and do quite a lot of things... Sounds like you have Bravo, and that is very cool.

Thank you for your comment!

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