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Greetings from the UK


Well-Known Member
Jul 22, 2005
Hello to All fellow hackers.

Just a small bio , Im a married 26 year old from the uk who hasnt played reguler golf since i was about 15.

Previouslly iv been playing about 4 to 6 times a year with friends , Iv decided to take up Golf more seriousllly , mainly due to fact I serverly damaged my knee this year and my Doctor has advised me to give up my other sporting love of football for a less high contact sport.

I decided that I would trade in my very old set of clubs id begged borrowed over the years for something more modern anyhow a friend put me in the direction of someone selling a second hand set of Nike Pro Combos , Which im now the proud owner off.

Iv been down the range a couple of times , And I seem to be pretty random About 5 of 10 balls I hit a reasonable distance straight and high , the rest im noticing a major pull from left to right. And the occasional duffer across the ground when I pull my head up.

Anyhow im hoping im going to fit right in here.

Hopefully be able to hit some courses next few weeks and get you guys some scores to cringe at :)


Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
Welcome aboard Ferrers!

Golf is MUCH more sensible than football, much more frustrating too. ;)

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