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Grip troubles


Well-Known Member
Nov 14, 2005
So i seem to have a problem of gripping too tightly. After a basket of balls at the driving range my hands are riddled with blisters. Anybody got any tips on how to get myself to relax without throwing my clubs all over the place?


Dang Fool
Aug 24, 2005
How old are the grips on your clubs? Often you will grip too tight because they are old and shiny and the clubs feel like they will go flying unless you strangle it. If they're old, have them changed, it really does help.

There is also a visualisation technique which is popular for getting the correct grip pressure - hold the club like you would hold a small bird in your hands. Too gently and it will fly away, too tight and you'll crush it. Spend some time just swinging a club with this in mind (you don't even have to hit balls, just get in the habit). You'll find quickly you don't need a death-grip to hang onto the club through the swing.

Tiger Who?

Well-Known Member
Oct 30, 2005
Do you use a glove? It should really help with those blisters. You're probably applying too much pressure like you said.

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