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groove sharpener


Active Member
Apr 10, 2011
I am looking to buy a groove cutter because I love my clubs and can't really afford to replace them all anyway. but I am wondering if buying a groove sharpener is viable, and if so could anyone recommend some i found this online: groove tool golf thoughts?


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I'm not sure if it matters to you, but groove sharpeners do two things:

1. They make your grooves illegal for tournament play (minor issue for most guys);

2. The cut through the finish on the face and make your irons rust 100x faster than they would otherwise.

My suggestion is to go to a softer ball, something with 3 or 4 peice design. That will help more with spin generation and you'll be able to enjoy your clubs longer.



Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
I guess I'm wondering how a person would ever wear out the grooves on a set of X-14 irons. Those heads were 17-4 stainless... extremely hard. I have seen grooves wear down on forged clubs, but not on something as hard as the X-14 faces. What are you attempting to do with your irons? If you believe sharpening the grooves will make a ball hop and stop with a 3-iron to a postage stamp green, it ain't gonna happen. The only irons weekend players could ever hope to spin would be the wedges. And, your signature says you don't have anything more lofted than a pitching wedge.
As R35 pointed out, you will render the clubs non-conforming. Even though the heads are stainless steel, digging into the grooves with a tool will probably lead to some unwanted rusting. And, if you're good enough to back up a 5-iron you'll likely be able to tell the difference in uniformity between clubs that haven't had the grooves sharpened exactly the same.
Groove sharpeners are 'snake oil'. (Just my opinion.)

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