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hacked my way to double digits today

Jay McNasty

High Altitude Hacker
Aug 22, 2005
Yea, I finally did it. Springs Ranch Golf Club , Colo Spgs, CO. I posted a 53 on the front and kinda wrote off the chance of it happening since the back is a bit more difficult. My partners stopped at the clubhouse at the turn and loaded up a cooler of beer and I decided against knocking a few back. I knocked down a couple pars on 10 and 11. Two doubles for the next two holes and went on to play bogey golf for the rest of the back. Carded a 45 for my first legitimate 98. Needless to say, I didn't refuse beers at the 19th. :D


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
soon you'll be breaking 90, then 85, then 80, then 75, then 70. I wish i could get to that last one


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
Rather than start a new thread, I'll just add to this one: I scored a 97 today!

First time in double digits. I played today on the Forest Hills Golf Club; white tees, 6335 yards; rating 70.5, slope 126.

Now, if I can only live another 43 years, I'll be shooting my age.
Jay McNasty

Jay McNasty

High Altitude Hacker
Aug 22, 2005
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Congrats! I've yet to dip below the elusive century mark again, but it's still fun trying.


Mmmmmmmm..... Cake.......
Oct 16, 2005
At Prestwick St Nicholas golf club in Scotland :sc:, par 69, i'm disappointed if I dont break 100, I have a handicap of 25, and my best score is 87.

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