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Handicap Climbing...


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
My handicap is emailed to me in the middle of every month when the state golf association does its update....

Ima creepin up here...but I am putting my foot down and am looking forward to a good warm season coming up...

That was quite a drop last Spring and early Summer. The lessons and practice paid off...

3/18/05 8.4
2/18/05 8.3
1/21/05 8.0
12/24/04 7.1
11/26/04 7.0
10/29/04 7.0
10/1/04 7.5
9/3/04 7.5
8/6/04 7.4
7/9/04 7.6
6/11/04 9.2
5/14/04 9.6
4/16/04 11.6

The master

Oct 24, 2004
Nah don't worry about that everyone plays poor this time of year, you will be practicing way more in the summer and will lower it back down.


Ummm...Not much of a climb.I compressed my shoulder and pulled my biceps tendon five months ago.Played my first 9 holes today.I had not even tried to swing a club until yesterday.Played to about a four on this particular course previously and shot ten over on nine holes.You're looking like the MAN from where I sit!I've got to add ,I've NEVER played soooo badly and had so much fun.I was beginning to think I would never play again.You'll get your game back in no time.

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