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Harrison Pro Steel shafts?


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Feb 3, 2007
any experience here with Harrison Professional iron shafts?

I was playing MacGregor m565 3-6irons, so I had only purchased 7-AW in the wishon 560s. I replaced the 3-4 irons with hybrids and picked up a like new Wishon 560 6 iron on ebay for $20

It's got a Harrison Pro shaft in stiff flex in it. I haven't hit it yet other than some chip shots of frozen balls across my frozen backyard, but figured I'd reshaft it to match my other irons. The shaft seems decent though - reminds me of the Rifles I have in the MacGregors

my 58* wedge currently has a regular old dynamic gold wedge shaft in it and was thinking I might be able to just use this harrison pro shaft similar to a Rifle Spinner (which I understand are just regular shafts with 8iron tips)

I found the attached tip trimming instructions, and was told the shaft is in Stiff flex - if I'm reading this right, that would mean they'd have trimmed 5.5" from the tip. If I wanted to be at a "firm" flex and have a "spinner" - I think it's trimmed perfectly already and I'll just need to butt trim to length.

this look right to you guys?

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